Horeko Office

Beter returns come with more insight. In Horeko Office you can easily register your entire kitchen process. Digitise your recipes and calculate the margins. And thanks to the integration with your suppliers, you always calculate with current cost prices.

Your recipes perform better with menu engineering. The analyses and reports of Horeko Kitchen Manager help you make the best strategic decisions.

  • Manager your recipes and calculate your profit marge
  • Cost prices always up-to-date
  • Automatically see the allergens in a dish

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Horeko Operator

The link between office and kitchen. The Horeko Operator is a touchscreen PC for daily use in the kitchen. Recipes always on hand – the same preparation every time.

Is registering your HACCP tasks tedious and time consuming? Not with Horeko. The tasks appear on the Operator. Done on time and registered correctly. Your prep lists? Just as easily available n the screen.

  • Recipes always digitally available
  • HACCP tasks registered on time
  • Prep registration made easy on screen
  • Print expiration labels directly from the system

From office to kitchen

The unique strength of the Kitchen Manager lies in the combinaties of Horeko Office with the Horeko Operator. Data entry and calculation in the office. Directly communicated to the screen in the kitchen. Involve the entire team and create awareness of costs and returns.

Your complete software solution for kitchen management

Recipe management

All your recipes digitally available. Complete with ingredients, preperation ánd pictures of the plating. On the Horeko Operator you easily convert the recipe to the desired amound so no more mistakes with multiplication.

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Cost price calculation

If you enter the recipe, Horeko calculates the cost price for you. Connect the Horeko Kitchen Manager to your suppliers and always work with current prices. Put in a percentage for waste and desired margin and the system will give you the ideal menu price.

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HACCP registration

Create your HACCP tasks once and the system reminds you on the predetermined times and dates by showing them on the Operator. Register the tasks in the kitchen and they are automatically saved.

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Menu engineering

Get the maximal result out of your menu with menu engineering. This analysis shows you which dishes perform best. The sales figures are imported from your POS and the profit margin from the recipes. The overview lets you determine which dishes need some extra attention.

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Allergen registration

Thanks to the connection with PS in Foodservice, you automatically get an allergen declaration in Horeko. See which allergens are in which dishes.

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Prep sheets

Do you have regular prep tasks to do? With the prep sheets your next task appears on the Operator and is registered by name.

Expiration labels

No more confusion about expiration or illegible labels. With the label printer connected to Horeko you print labels straight from the system. You add an expiration date to a dish or subrecipe once, and the label is printed with the correct date. Don't just print expiration labels, but also labels for defrosting, allergens or production date.

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Waste registration

Throwing away stuff is easy and often done without much further though. Become aware of your waste and its value by registering your waste in Horeko


Comunicate your menu directly with your special information board. Guest can see information, like allergens, of all current dishes.

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Integrations with our partners

Horeko is the central link in your organisation

The benefits of working with Horeko

Personal service

Our customer support is there for you: by phone, chat or via email.

Software in the cloud

Available always and everywhere. It’s that simple.


We work on improving the system every day.

Heart for hospitality

Our software is developed specifically for hospitality – we understand your business.

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Horeko Kitchen Manager fits every business in hospitality. Discover the solution that fits you best in a personal meeting with one of our specialists.