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Making sure your business is more profitable gives us a boost of energy. We've been doing this every day since 2009. It makes us excited to help advance the hospitality with our practical software.

Employee Manager

Manage jour employees
  • Online scheduling
  • Timekeeping
  • Free mobile app
  • Document management
  • Newsletter
  • HR integration
  • Horeko Timekeeper

The first 20 employees
€62 p/m
+10 extra employees

€31 p/m

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Kitchen Manager

Manage your kitchen
  • Recipe costing
  • Recipe management
  • Menu engineering
  • Allergen info
  • Multi-site support
  • Supplier integration
Horeko Operator
  • HACCP registration
  • MEP registration
  • Labelling

from €159 p/m

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Management Suite

The complete solution
1 system - 1 login - 1 solution
Employee Manager
from €62 per month
Kitchen Manager
from €110 per month
1x Operator license
€49 per month
Restaurant Management Suite

from €221 p/m

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At Horeko we know everything about Kitchen Management and Employee Management. And we're here to help you!

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