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Your complete software solution for employee management

Online scheduling

Because your employees put in their availability, you easily make a working schedule. Apply roster templates or manually drag people into an open shift.

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Document management

Horeko Employee Manager is the central location for your personnel administration. Save personal documents per employee or a make document for a specific team or the entire company.

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Employees register their hours. Clocking in and out with fingerprint, PIN or tag - on the Timekeeper or with the mobile app. You directly get a digital overview of the hours worked. Plus, minus and holiday hours are settled straight away. It's that easy.

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Extended analysis

All employee data is in Horeko - from the contract to the hours worked. The system gives you different analyses, with easy to read graphs that provide real insights into personnel costs and productivity.

Mobile app

The Horeko App is the direct line of communication with your employees, free to download for Android and iPhone. Employees put in their own availability and holidays. You publish the roster and it appears directly in their favourite calendar app. Need to trade a shift? Our mobile app does that too.

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Horeko Planner

Smooth service runs on efficient workforce planning. Horeko Planner is your tool for easy scheduling. Employees enter their availability through the app, allowing you to add them to the schedule immediately. The system stores all the info and with our detailed graphs you can analyse your situation.

  • Quickly create the optimal schedule
  • Central workforce administration
  • Direct overview of hours worked
  • Extensive analytics

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Horeko Timekeeper

Is timekeeping a lot of work? Not anymore! With the Timekeeper you can keep exact track of who was working when. The touchscreen PC comes equipped with a scanner for fingerprint or RFID tag. Prefer clocking in with a PIN number? No problem.

In addition, (smoke) breaks are recorded on the Timekeeper. Do you eat a staff meal? Just register it on the screen.

  • Clock-in with fingerprint, tag or PIN number
  • Record (smoke) breaks
  • Register a staff meal right after your break

Horeko App

The Horeko App – the direct line of communication with your employees. Requesting time off or putting in extra availability, it’s all done via the app. Employees get their roster directly in their own native calendar app. Free download for iPhone and Android.

  • Trade a shift? Arrange it in the app
  • Clock-in on location
  • Communication with employees

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Horeko Employee Manager is the planning software for hospitality. In a personal meeting we'll show you how it can help your business.