Soon you will start with Horeko Hospitality, the kitchen management system of Horeko! I would like to explain how I will implement the system on the implementation day and what is needed to be prepared before the implentation day at your place. Good preparations are essential to have an efficient and productive training day. 

Don’t you have a kitchenscreen, Horeko Viewer, already? Than you can skip the first and last alinea of the day planning.

Day Planning

On the installation day we begin with placing the hardware. If the preparations for the montage (look at montage for kitchen screen and printer) are done well, this will be done quickly. We hang the screen on the bracket and connect it with internet and the energy flow. After this, we will place the printer and connect it to the screen. At last, we will shorten too long cables and hide it as much as possible. (Time: +- 1,5h)

After this we will set up the Horeko back office. Folders will be created to organize dishes, half products and possible buffets. Furthermore, we will implement the suppliers and employees. This is fully tailored to your siutation. (Time: +- 1h) 

After the set up of the back office, we import the ingredënts and we start with calculating the recipes. During this subject it is very important that all involved employees are present, because they need to learn how Horeko is working.
We will show how to implement the first recipes and after this you will do it yourselves. During the rest of the day more and more details will be implemented in the system and we will support you from the sidelines. Ofcourse we will answer all your questions directly. (Time: rest of the morning).

After practicing the calculation part, we begin with setting up the HACCP registration. With the use of the (paper) lists, which are currently used, we implemenent together the needed HACCP tasks in the back office. Also we set up an example of a Mise-en-Place list with half products which are already implemented. (Time: +- 2h)

At last, we explain Horeko Viewer kitchen screen. The implemented details in the back office will be shown in the kitchen on the screen. Specific functions of the kitchen screen as labelling and ticking off tasks, will be explained as well. (Time: 1h)

Preparing Ingredients

In order to implement the recipes during the training, the ingredients of suppliers need to be known  in Horeko. Therefore the ingredients need to be imported. The way of importing differs per supplier. If an automatic coupling is available, we already asked via mail for your customer number by this supplier, so we can already do the coupling in Horeko.

For suppliers which are not coupled automatically, it is required to have an Excel file with the article data. The Excel file has a set layout.

Here you can download the example file for suppliers without an automatic coupling.

The underlined column names in the example file are obligated. The other columns are optional. Per supplier you need to make a seperate document (don’t make more tabs in the same file). You can make this file yourself or you can ask your supplier to make it for you.

Preparations of recipes

It is recommended to have multiple recipes already weighted and written before the training. Write down as many as possible different recipes, so we can explain different situations. Don’t forget to write down possible half products as sauces and dressings. All these recipes will be used for the explanation of the implementation.

Keep in mind that Horeko only uses units as “kilo”, “liter” and “pieces” and all varieties for these units as grams, ml, dl, cl. Units as cans, pinch and slices are too unclear to use in a calculation.

Preparation for the cashier coupling

Do you have a cashier which can couple automatically with Horeko? Than we will prepare this coupling for you. The exact preparation depends on the type of cashier. Therefore you will receive a specific description for your cashier via e-mail. If the cashier implementation is done before the training, than we can explain, during the training, how you can import sale data and the Menu Engineering analyses.

Montage of the kitchenscreen and printer

For the placement of the Horeko Viewer, you need to prepare some things yourself. The preparations exist of:

We have summarized all preparation in the image:

(Horeko installation infographic)

  1. In the kitchen two power connections per screen are needed.
    • One for the kitchenscreen
    • One for the labelprinter
      The delivered cables are 1,5 metres long. If you need longer cables, please let us know so we can bring them with us.
  2. Also a network connection is needed to connect the kitchenscreen with internet. This can be a connection in the form of a direct cable to your modem/router, or you can have a socket with associated cable. You need to construct this connection yourself and you also need to have this cable yourself. In technical terms: it is an “UTP Patch” connection/cable. The connection needs to have free access to the internet. Discuss therefore with your network administrator if some adjustments needs to be done to a modem and/or a router.

Mounting the bracket

The kitchenscreen will be mounted with use of a bracket. Normally this is a bracket which is partly extendable (5,7  to 24 cm, see here). It is also possible to deliver another bracket (like a ceiling bracket). If you want to make use of this, please let us know beforehand. We are willing to help you by finding the best solution. The bracket needs to be mounted before the training. Follow the instructions which are delivered with the bracket.

The kitchen screen weighs around 7 kilos, keep in mind that the screen can not be attached to a soft or hollow wall.

Placing the labelprinter

The labelprinter is directly connected with the kitchenscreen. The cable which is delivered with the printer is 1,8 metres long. Determine beforehand where the printer can be placed. The best is to place the printer on a Stainless steel shelf. It is possible to extend the cable to max. 5 metres. If you want to make use of this, please let us know beforehand.

Do you have any questions after reading this information? Please contact us! You can mail me to [email protected] or call to +31(0)88-7119711. I would like to help you.

Good luck with the preparations and a lot of pleasure with Horeko!

Kind Regards,

Sophie Nagel