Do you know what your personnel costs on a Monday, for example, are? And are these costs on par with your turnover? The schedules of restaurant or catering companies are usually created in Word or Excel files. These programs will do for drawing up simple schedules, but often tend to become unclear once the amount of employees becomes too big. A lack of overview in the availability of the staff makes drawing up a schedule massive puzzle every time. Insight into the personnel costs usually has no priority, but it really is a missed opportunity!

Easily calculate restaurant and catering personnel costs

Horeko has the solution for the fast and easy creation of schedules with attention to personnel costs: Horeko Planning. This user-friendly digital system will help you draw up schedules easily and quickly while gaining immediate insight into your personnel costs. You will save a lot of time and money by means of this effective work method!

Horeko Planning: insight into personnel and costs

Horeko Planning contains an extensive database in which all information on personnel, contracts, job positions and salaries can be registered. Employees can also register their availability for every work period. All this information assists you in creating the schedule. Based on the availability and jobs of the employees you can easily drag and drop employees to the shifts. Subsequently, the system calculates the personnel costs per day, week or employee based on the salaries. If the personnel costs are not on par with (expected) turnover for a specific day, then you will know this in advance so you can schedule a different employee to reduce the costs.

Mobile app

Once created, you can send the schedule to your employees via the mobile app. All employees will receive a notification and can immediately see when they are scheduled for work. Moreover, they can register their availability for the next period and swap shifts via the app. Approval is requested from a supervisor for all shifts swapped between employees so you will always have control over the schedule and the costs.

Actual costs of personnel

Because working hours can differ from theory in practice, it is important