Do you know how well the dishes on your menu are performing? A dish that is sold a lot is not always the most profitable dish. Menu Engineering combines the sales numbers with the profit margins of the dishes to find out which dishes take up the highest share of the total profit. Mapping out this information is quite a task. Horeko Hospitality makes this surprisingly easy!

Example of Menu Engineering

Let’s say that the tomato soup in your restaurant is not selling well, but the vegetable soup is. There is not a fibre in your body that would remove the vegetable soup instead of the tomato soup from the menu. But what if it turns out that the tomato soup has the higher profit margin? Then it might be more beneficial to keep this dish on the menu and promote it among your guests so it will sell more. On the other hand, you can also choose to improve the vegetable soup’s margin by using cheaper ingredients or increasing the sale price. In short: Menu Engineering offers you more insight into your menu and thus allows you to make well-founded decisions.

Horeko Menu Engineering

Horeko makes Menu Engineering surprisingly simple. All dishes, ingredients and corresponding prices are entered into the system once. By means of a link with suppliers and wholesalers, the purchase prices are automatically updated. A link with the register system ensures that the sales figures are also automatically loaded into the system. This way, your data remains up-to-date and you will always have up-to-date insight into your figures.

With these updated figures, the system automatically draws up a visual overview containing the financial performance of your dishes. Depending on the margins and sales figures of the dishes, they are categorised as ‘popular’, ‘winners’, ‘sleepers’ and ‘losers’. This makes it clear at a glance how the dishes are doing compared to one another, which gives you insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your dishes. This allows you to take timely action if the dishes are not performing well enough and allows you to gain more return from your menu easily!

Benefits of Menu Engineering

Would you also like to have more insight into your menu’s performance to increase return? Our experts will gladly show you how menu engineering works in Horeko Hospitality.