According to HACCP regulations for the restaurant and catering industry, various matters regarding food safety need to be recorded. This concerns the measures taken to prevent health risks, the inspections that must be performed and the results of these inspections. In practice, these actions take a lot of tame and especially a lot of administration work. Wouldn’t it be nice to simplify the administration of these HACCP tasks so this saves the kitchen staff a lot of time and effort?

A simple registration that is always clear

Horeko offers an easy-to-use kitchen management system as a solution for two of the major problems a restaurant or catering business faces: communication and registration. Because structure in the registration of HACCP tasks is often lacking, there is a lot of miscommunication between the different teams. This can be solved easily by digitising the registration of HACCP processes. As a result, all teams work with the same central database and the information regarding tasks is always clear.

Digital HACCP checklist

Horeko’s kitchen management system ensures the presence of a clear and up-to-date list with HACCP tasks that still need to be performed in the kitchen. This list can be added to with explanations and required inspections. As such, every kitchen employee knows exactly which tasks need to be performed at what time. Completed tasks are registered by name and can be found easily in the task history. All information regarding completed tasks are available for inspections by management or inspection authorities at any time.

Easy expiration date registration

An important part of HACCP for the restaurant and catering industry is registering the expiration dates of food products. In order to prevent confusion about this, you can easily print expiration date stickers for all ingredients and semi-finished products. These expiration date stickers are automatically generated on the basis of the expiration period you enter into the back-office once.


Do you also want to save a lot of time by creating more structure in your HACCP registration? Our experts will gladly show you the possibilities of HACCP registration and all other handy functions of Horeko Hospitality.