Kitchen Manager - Horeko
€99per month

Kitchen Manager

Increase your return and gain real insight in your process. Calculate current prices easily thanks to the supplier integrations. In the central dashboard you see which dishes need some extra attention. The Operator is the link between office and kitchen. The recipes and their preparations on screen ensure consistent quality. Your HACCP is under control because tasks pop up at the right time. Optimise your kitchen with Horeko Kitchen Manager.

  • Recipe costing with current prices
  • Online recipe management
  • HACCP registration by name and date
  • Free integrations with suppliers & POS
  • You best menu with menu engineering
  • Allergen information from ingredient to dish
  • Prep sheets
  • Hardware and training available upon request


Kitchen Manager Basic
 Including 1 Office user
Kitcher Manager Complete
 Including 1 user & 1 Horeko Operator License


Extra Horeko Operator License
Kitchen-proof touchscreen
Extra Office users
Use on multiple devices simultaneously
Connect your external application

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