Employee Manager - Horeko
€99per month

Employee Manager

Your employee management made easy. Employees register their own hours with pin, RFID or fingerprint. Employee put in availability and requests for time in the app. You easily put together a schedule. All your data is centralised in Horeko Employee Manager.

  • Online scheduling
  • Central workforce administration
  • Timekeeping with pin, RFID or fingerprint
  • Free integrations with HR system and POS
  • Register breaks and meals
  • Corona proof check in
  • Free mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Hardware and training available upon request

Company size

Number of employees

0-10 €40
11-20 €60
21-30 €75
31-40 €100
41-50 €125
51-60 €150
More then 60 employees? Request a custom quote! contact us


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