Hardware - Horeko

Horeko is for hospitality - so is the hardware

We provide you with hardware from our trusted partners. Durable in use. Sleek in design. Able to withstand the always present wet and greasy fingers.

Touchscreen PC

Water resistant, grease repellant, hospitality proof! Mount it in the kitchen, behind the bar, or in a central location. With the printer connected you can print every label you need with a push of a button. The timekeeping module allows you to log hours with fingerprint or RFID tag. Together we will see what fits your company.

Label printer

With the original Horeko label printer Horeko is really indispensible in the kitchen. Thanks to the connection between the two, every label you need is at your fingertips. From a freezer label to an expiration label. All are registered by name and date so there's no more confusion over when a product needs to be thrown out. The labels are water soluble so containers can go into the dishwater label and all!

Water soluble labels

The unique, water soluble labels for our new label printer make your workday a whole lot easier. No more picking off labels. Just put the containers with labels into the dishwasher and the label will dissolve completely. No glue residue on the containres, no labels in your filters. Hygienic and efficient!


With the original DYMO labels, you always print high quality labels. Clearly legible, even after freezing and thawing. Is the container empty? You can remove the labels without leaving any glue residue. It's that simple.

Aim for optimal results. Choose the best for your business.