Horeko is for hospitality. So it makes sense the hardware is too.

Durable in use. Sleek in design. And able to withstand the wet and greasy fingers that seem to happen all the time.

Touchscreen PC

Water resistant, grease repellant, hospitality proof! Mount it in the kitchen, behind the bar, in a central location. With the label printer connected you can print every label you need with a push of a button. WIth the timekeeping module you can also register hours with fingerprint or RFID tag. Together we will see what fits your company.

Label printer

With the original DYMO label printer Horeko is relly indespensible in the kitchen. Thanks to the connection between the two, every label you need is at your fingertips. From freezer label to expiration label. All registered by name and date so no more confusion over when a product needs to be thrown out.


With the original DYMO labels, you always print high quality labels. Clearly legible, also after freezing and thawing. Is the container empty? You can remove the labels without leaving any glue residue. Just as easy.

Aim for optimal results. Choose the best for your business.