Save on your labour costs with Horeko Timekeeping.

Closely keeping track of hours and registering them into a file - there must be a better way to use your time.

Your employees clock in, you get the overview of the hours

Meticulously keeping track of all the hours your team has worked, can seem like an impossible task. Employees often write down their hours manually and you just have to trust this is honest and exact. But be fair, do you know your exact starting time after a long a tiring shift? And that is just the start. You have to check, register and compare the hours to the contract. Time consuming and not exactly the most inspiring task.

Let Horeko Employee Manager take over for you. Employees clock in at the start of their shift and this time is registered in the system. No more guessing or rounding off (up) hours. You can have the worked hours by the minute. Instantly saving on labour costs because you are only paying for the hours they were actually at work.

Clocking in with finger scan, chip or passcode

Compare clocked hours with the schedule

Register breaks and meals

Employees register their own hours

You save a lot of time when employees register their own hours. Register on the Horeko Timekeeper with fingerscan, passcode or RFID chip. You can also choose to use the Horeko App for timekeeping – this way you can even clock in on an external site. If everyone’s breaks are the same, it would be easy. But with different shift types and lengths, breaks also vary. Horeko allows you to register the breaks by simply scanning your finger or chip, or putting in your code, at the start and end of the break. At the end of the break you select if you’ve used a meal and the system registers this as well.

Most importantly, you are in control. Set up rules for rounding up or down. For (smoking) breaks and staff meals. Afterwards you approve the clocked hours and create an overview for payroll. Or even better, integrate Horeko with one of our HR partners and your hours will be processed at the click of a button.

A transparant overview of all vacation, plus and minus hours in the system

Keeping track of all the hours worked is 1 thing. But Horeko Employee Manager does more than that. Per employee you enter their contract hours and vacation hours. Whenever hours are clocked, Horeko compares this amount with what is on their contract. Employees request time off in the App, so whenever you approve the request it is automatically in the system. This way you have an overview of any employee’s hours whenever you need. Worked hours, overtime and vacation hours seperate. No more hour sheets to manually enter, no more Excel sheets to check. Hour registration made easy.

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