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Everyone's availability and the roster in one view.

The information of your entire team stored in one, clear overview. Scheduling has never been easier.

The easy way to a fitting roster

A good roster depends on many things. How many people do you need to cover a shift? Who do you have available? Does anyone already have overtime? Horeko Employee Manager gives you all the relevant information in 1 overview. This way, making a fitting roster is easy. And if you use templates for recurring shifts, your roster is done even faster. All done with the roster? Publish and notify your employees with a single push of a button. Thanks to the Horeko App everyone gets their notifications and shifts are added to their personal calendar app. Easy for you, easy for them.

Is labour also one of your biggest expenses? A fitting roster is 1 thing, but a cost-efficient roster is even better. When you schedule in Horeko, the labour percentage for the roster you are putting together is shown straight away. Your employees’ hourly wage is in Horeko, so the system does the calculating for you. This way you see the effect a certain shift on your labour costs straight away. You are in control.

Availability visible per employee

Roster automatically in employees' calendar app

Insights in hours worked and labour costs

Horeko Planning is your central personnel administration

To create a good schedule, you need to work from different sets of information. Horeko Planning is the central location to store your personnel data and keep it up to date. Everything you put into the system, Horeko takes into consideration. So while you are putting together a roster, the system notifies you that someone is already over their contract hours. Are you trying to assign a shift to someone who is already in the roster for that time? You get an alert. Does the roster not have anyone with a Emergency Responce certificate? Horeko warns you.

Only enter the information once, the systems keeps track for you. You’ll get a notification when a contract is about to expire, or when it is time for an evaluation. Your personnel administration is always up to date.

All the hours are in the system

If employees have to remember the exact starting time of their shift after a long day you can be sure this is never 100% accurate. And usually not to you advantage. The Horeko Timekeeper allows your employees to clock in with fingerprint, pin or RFID tag. This way the correct start of a shift is always clear. Time for a break? Easily clocked on the Timekeeper. Simple and accurate time registration gives you a complete overview of all worked hours. Since employees request their time off in the Horeko App, these hours are shown in the dashboard. No more calls, mails or messages to check if someone is available to work. You can just check Horeko.

Whenever you enter a new employee in Employee Manager, you need to fill out their contract and vacation hours. Based on this, Horeko makes up a balance for every employee. Giving you the best information who you can schedule.

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