Everyone's availability and the roster in one view.

The information of your entire team stored in one, clear overview. Scheduling has never been easier.

The easy way to a fitting roster

A good roster depends on many variables. How many people do you need? Who is available? Does anyone already have overtime? Horeko Employee Managers gives you a the availability of your employees and the roster to make in 1 view. If you’re using roster templates for recurring shifts, scheduling is even easier. Roster complete? Send it to all your employee with a single button click. THe Horeko App gives everyone the notification of a new roster and adds the shifts to their personal calendars. This way everyone is up to date.

Is labour also one of your largest expenses? A fitting roster is one thing, but an efficient one is even better. Whenever you are scheduling in Horeko, you see the labour costs per shift, day or week and per employee, team or the total. You immediately see how a change is shift affects your labour costs. You control your efficiency.

Easy insight into availability

Shifts in employees' personal calendars

Overview of hours and costs

Horeko Planning is your central personnel administration

A good roster depends on many variables. Store all your employee data in one safe space – Horeko Planning. The system takes into account the various bits of information you enter at different places and times. So for example, are you making a roster and are you trying to schedule someone who already exceeded their contract hours? Are you trying to give someone 2 shifts at the same time? The system will give you a notification. Are you missing someone with emergency response qualifications? Horeko warns you automatically.

You enter the information once, and the systems keeps track. It gives you a notification when a contract expires or when it is time for annual reviews. Your personnel administration always up to date.

All hours in one system

Do you remember the exact time you started working after a long shift? This is never 100% accurate – and usually not to your advantage. The Horeko Timekeeper allows your employees to clock in using fingerscan, pass code or RFID chip. This way there is never any doubt about working times. Time for a break? This is also registered on the Timekeeper. Simpel and easy registration ensures you have a correct overview of the worked hours. Employees request time off via the Horeko App so this is also registered in the system. No more phone calls, mails and apps to check if people are available. Simply check in Horeko.

If you enter an employee in the Employee Manager, you also fill in their contract and holiday hours. Horeko gives you a balance per employee based on this information. This way you know who to put in the roster.

The benefits of working with Horeko

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