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Unclear handwritten labels?
No more!

Properly labelling products that are freshly cooked, just going into the freezer of have to be thawed is important to stay on top on your products.

Clear labels, straight from the system

For how long has that tomato soup been in the fridge? And when do we need to throw the red wine sauce? Keeping track of when certain products were made, frozen or refrigerated is tricky. Especially with the changes in staff and shifts that are so common in a kitchen. Not every product has the same shelf life. Good luck staying on top things in your cold store. Traditional handwritten labels only indicate the date of production. Even if you can read it, this way of working is flawed.

With the label printer connected to Horeko Kitchen Manager, you are all set. Just a push of the button to print labels with product name, date, time and by whom it is produced. When entering the recipe into Horeko, you only have to register the shelf life once. Every next time you print a label for this recipe, the expiration date is set automatically. The labels are water soluble so no need to pick them off after use. Just put the container straight into the dishwasher and the labels will dissolve.

Always readable

Registered by date and name

Label history decreases loss

All the labels you need are printed by the system

Expiration labels are constantly used in a kitchen. Keeping track of when to throw a product and keeping to the HACCP guidelines is a must. When you take a product from the freezer, its shelf life changes. So you have to print a new label straight away. Use the standard Horeko settings or create your own labels.

  • Expiration labels: indicate when a products needs to be thrown away, when the label was printed and by whom
  • Allergen labels: all allergens in a certain product printed on one label
  • Freezing labels: tell you when to take the product from the freezer
  • Defrosting labels: print a new label when you defrost a product

Label your products straight after preparation

A good preparation makes for a tight service. Some products you make daily, others just once a week. And not everything is used at the same time. Therefore, food labelling is crucial. Because your prep lists are already in Horeko, you can print a label straight after completing the task. This way products are stored properly and everything is clear for the next person to pick up that product. Your service will run smoothly.

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