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Prevent issues with food safety and
properly register your HACCP tasks

HACCP registration is time consuming and complicated. Get rid of messy and unorganised paper lists. With Horeko you always have a digital, reliable overview. Better safe than sorry.

HACCP registration with Horeko Kitchen Manager

Every business in the hospitality industry is required, by law, to work according to the principles of HACCP. Not only do you have to work following the hygiene code, you also have to record it correctly. Thanks to Horeko you can easily safeguard your processes. Based on our standard tasks, you create the HACCP plan that fits your business.

The tasks pop up on the Horeko Operator on the pretermined time. After you’ve completed a task, you register it to your name. This way you can always look up the task history to see who did what. An important part of HACCP is properly labelling products and subproducts. You can print expiration labels directly from Horeko. No more confusion with handwritten labels or missing information.

HACCP plan available digitally

Tasks registered by name, date and time

Clear expiration date stickers directly from the system

Your personal HACCP plan

We have years of experiences helping business owners with their HACCP. We can provide you with a standard list of the most common and necessary tasks. Or we can work with you to create a personal plan. This way you’re always working according to the hygiene code. When you get audited, you can easily pull up an overview from Horeko.

With just a few clicks you can add new tasks in Horeko Office. Select a type, date and frequency and the task will appear on the screen in the kitchen. Once completed, you can register the task by name on the Operator.

Everything with a proper label

Say goodbye to handwritten labels! With the Horeko Operator you print any label you might need: labels with the expiration date or allergen information, labels for production, freezing and defrosting.

You just have to put in the shelf life of products or ingredients once. After that the system calculates the expiration date for you and prints out a label with the correct date. The name of the employee and the time of printing are automatically added to the label. You can also print a label with all the allergens in a (sub)product. This information is available in the recipe and just as easily printed.

The benefits of working with Horeko

Personal service

Our customer support is there for you: by phone, chat or via email.

Software in the cloud

Available always and everywhere. It’s that simple.


We work on improving the system every day.

Heart for hospitality

Our software is developed specifically for hospitality – we understand your business.

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