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Horeko is your central personnel administration

Horeko Employee Manager is more than scheduling software. It’s your tool to stay on top of your personnel administration. Of course you find your employees’ personal and contact information in Horeko as well as the contract details. Document managements makes your administration complete. Save the notes of a job evaluation, add pay slips or a first aid diploma. All documents are at your disposal whenever you need them. Obviously it’s up to you to decide the permissions per user. Safe and secure.

Personal documents

Company resources

Reminder at the expiry date

Share documents with individuals, teams or the entire company

Document management in Horeko is split into two categories: personal documents and company resources. The first are specific for each employee and can be found at their employee details. This info is only available for the employee and/or their manager. The activity log shows who changed the document and when.

Company resources are shared with a certain department or the entire group. For example the company handbook for everyone or an instruction manual for the oven just for the kitchen staff. You have complete control over who can view and edit the documents. And the activity log always shows who has viewed or edited the document and when.

Always up to dat thanks to the expiry date

A company handbook usually does not have a best before date, but for a first aid certificate it is wise to keep track of the expiry date. Instead of trying to remember the dates for all your employees’ documents, you better register an expiry date in Horeko’s document management.

You can put an expiry date for each individual document. The system will remind you when it’s time to take action. This way you’ll never be too late to renew a document.

The benefits of working with Horeko

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