Transparant information on the allergens in a dish is more than an obligation.

Allergen rules require you to give clear information on the allergens in the food you serve. But with an extensive or variable menu, it is difficult for your employees to keep track of this.

Know the allergens in your dishes

A growing group of people avoid certain foods. For different reasons such as allergies, diets or convictions. As a business owner, you are obligated to inform your guests about the allergens in your food. How you do this, is up to you. Do you opt for a complete list of allergens in your menu? Or will you let guests ask your staff? In any case, it’s your responsibility to make sure guests get the information they need.

Every day you use dozens, if not hundreds of ingredients in your dishes. Manually keeping track of all the allergens per dish is nearly impossible. Thanks to our collaboration with PS in Foodservice you have access to the allergen information of ingredients. Based on the recipe you enter in Horeko, you see the allergens per subproduct or dish. This way you can always advise guests on which allergens are in a dish, or which alternatives are possible.

Current allergen information for recipes

Export information to POS & handhelds

Directly print allergen labels

Up-to-date allergen information on every level

An allergen is a component that can cause an allergic reaction. European legislation has distinguished 14 allergens that need indicating. For example soy, gluten and nuts. Over 2% of population has a sensitivity for one of these allergens, in some cases this can be life endangering. Besides that, the group of people consciously avoiding certain food components is growing.

From the moment you import ingredients into the system, the allergens are known as well. When a subproduct is prepared in the kitchen, the Operater can print a label with all the allergens in it. This way, the next person using this subproduct also knows what is in it – even if they haven’t made it. The dish you serve of course doesn’t have a label, but the allergens are easily found. You can pull up the allergens per dish on the Operator and the information can also be exported to your POS or handhelds. This allows your serving staff to know which allergens are in a dish.

Appropriate advice, good service

Some dishes cannot be altered and the allergens are set. But often you can make a small adjustment, avoiding the unwanted allergen. In Horeko you can see wich subproduct and/or ingredient is responsible for a certain allergen. This allows you to easily offer an alternative.

Because the information is available for both the kitchen and the serving staff, anyone can offer your guest advice. Take that one step beyond what’s necessary and offer top service on allergen information.

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We work on improving the system every day.

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