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Manage your recipes in Horeko

Thanks to the Operator you can easily access your recipe, the preparation and the plating in the kitchen.

Manage your recipes digitally for easy calculation

How do you manage your recipes? Are they in the head of the chef who came up with them? Or is there a binder with various papers floating around the kitchen? With Horeko Kitchen Manager you keep your recipes safe. Easily enter the dishes in the systems thanks to the division between ingredients, subrecipes and dishes. This way you keep a clear overview. Integrate with your suppliers and your ingredients are known by Horeko. In a subrecipe you use your ingredients and preparation – let’s take peppercorn sauce as an example. When creating the dish you just as easily add ingredients as subrecipes, Horeko does all the calculating for you. So for steak with peppercorn sauce you know you need both the ingredient steak and the subrecipe peppercorn sauce.

When you get to preparing, open the dish on the Operator. You immediately get an overview of the ingredients you need and a step by step preparation. Multiple orders of the same dish? On the screen you can easily multiply the recipe – this avoids mistake in amounts for multiple orders!

Recipes digitally available in the kitchen

Multiply with a push of the button

Pictures and preparations make it clear for everyone

Safeguarding your recipes means consistent quality

Your guests expect consistent quality. In practice this can be a challenge. Because a dish isn’t always prepared by the same person. There are often different people for different shifts and the staff turnover rate is quite high in hospitality. Horeko Kitchen Manager safeguards your recipes digitally – convenient for when someone is sick, on a holiday or leaves the company. The Operator is also the tool to keep your preparations consistent. Everyone can see how much of an ingredient is used and how the recipe should be prepared. This keeps the cost of your dish the same and ensures the quality and taste for your guests.

Ingredients always up to date

The automatic integration with suppliers is ideal for entering the dishes in Horeko. But after the first time you make a dish, changes could happen. An ingredient might be (temporarily) out of stock, or the price might have drastically changed. You need to keep this into consideration. Horeko traces the ingredients in your dish, possibly via subrecipes, to your suppliers. This way you always have the latest information. Does an ingredient in a subrecipe change? Then this changes automatically in all the dishes in which this subrecipe is used. You don’t have to think about it and the system is always up to date.

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