Recipe costing - Denmark

Good recipe costing is crucial to get and keep your profit healthy.

Enter the recipes once with the correct ingredients. From then on, Horeko calculates with the latest prices.

Current costs of the dishes, calculated with your recipe

The purchase of ingredienst is one of the biggest costs of your company. Of course you are putting these to good use preparing your dishes. But is the price on your menu right compared to what it costs? Is your margin alright? Only when you know the exact cost of your dish, you can choose the right price to sell it at.

When entering your recipes in Horeko Kitchen Manager, you choose the correct amount per ingredient. Thanks to the integration with the supplier, the current prices for that amount is put into the recipe. Choose standard percentages for waste, VAT or profit or manually change this per dish. This way you automatically get an advice on sales price taking your margin into account.

Current prices directly from your suppliers

Get margin alerts for your dishes

Make changes where you need

Structure and insight into your recipe costing

Manual calculations are time consuming and susceptible to flaws. And if the supplier changes a price, you can start from the beginning. Horeko Kitchen Manager is a user-friendly tool taking over that calculations for you. All your recipes are calculated in the same way. This gives you insight in the cost of a dish, but also what makes up this prices. Do you use a lot of a certain ingredient? Is the garnishing unnecessarily pricey? This insight gives you control over your dishes.

Improve your profit margin with Horeko Kitchen Manager

Only calculating the recipes when you first put them on the menu? Horeko recalculates the prices again and again. Ingredient prices change regularly, therefore so do the dish prices. Because Horeko imports new ingredient prices from the supplier daily, you always have the most recent costs for your dishes. You can look back the price trend of an ingredient. Does the margin of a particular dish drop? The system gives you a warning. This way you know that you can (and should) take action.

Real insight into your margin ensure you can put a responsible price on the menu. Margin monitoring lets you intervene when you have margin issues. This way you continuously improve your profit.

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