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The direct line of communication between you and your employees.
Free for Android and iPhone.

No need for endless emails, calls and texts to make sure everyone knows the latest schedule.

The tool for rosters, hour registration and shift trades.
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Few other branches have to deal with such variations in staff as the hospitality. From the student doing the dishes, the part-timer behind the bar, to the student and the head chef in the kitchen. Not only do you have to be creative with making the roster, but you might have to change it every now and then. Who has the time to gather everyone around to discuss a new schedule or check personal availabilities? The Horeko App involves all your employees and lets you communicate directly.

Everyone just has to download the app – of course available for free for Android and iPhone. Whenever you publish a roster, your colleagues will receive a push notification. The app imports your shifts straight into your personal calendar app – double bookings are a thing of the past. Employees register their own availability. Requesting time off or trading shifts? Via the app. Do you want to send a newsletter or message to the entire team, or a select group? You do it all via the Horeko App.

Roster in your personal calendar app

Register availability

Direct communication with your employees

Shift trades made easy

You’ve carefully put together the schedule, but one of your employees gets a shift that is inconvenient to them . It happens. Instead of spending a lot of time thinking who could make that shift, the employee just puts a shift trade request in the App. Colleagues who want to and can take over their shift can respond to the request. Of course the final decision stays with you.

Clocking in with the Horeko App

If everyone comes into work at the same place, it is easy to keep track. But if your company is larger or if you’re working on site, keeping track of everyone coming in is hard. The Horeko App allows employees to clock in with their own code. When you are at work on an external site, youdon’t easily take the the Horeko Timekeeper with you. The Horeko App is the solution here: employees can only clock in where they are at the correct location.

The benefits of working with Horeko

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Heart for hospitality

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