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The details of your menu, accessible for everyone.

You just enter the dishes once in Horeko. The Kiosk retrieves the informatio from Horeko Kitchen Manager.

With the Horeko Kiosk you give your guests the information they want

Guests usually choose from the traditional menu. But the information on there is limited. Imagine putting all the ingredients of all your dishes, complete with allergens and nutrients on your menu. That would be quite the book. Horeko Kiosk gives guest control over what they want to see. The Kiosk is a nice and strong information stand that fits in any restaurant. The front of the stand can be customised to fit your style. The built-in touchscreen is easy to use so guest can find exactly what they’re looking for.

The Kiosk is an addition to Horeko Kitchen Manager. The dishes have already been entered in the back office. So you can easily forward the information to the Kiosk. The back office lets you manage the information and plan ahead. When the time comes for a new menu, the Kiosk is updated automatically.

Solid information stand with big screen

Quickly look up dishes and information

Filter dishes by unwanted allergens

The guest determines which information they see

Not everyone is interested in the same information. But whether it is from (religious) conviction, allergy or taste, guests want to know what they are eating. The Kiosk makes it possible for guests to look up the menu. Digitally and always up to date. You can determine the order and structure for guests to logically go through the menu. The dishes are shown with a picture and a short description. Upon selecting a dish, guests get all information such as ingredients, allergens and a more elaborate description.

Easily filter by allergens

It can be a challenge finding a dish you can eat if you want to, or have to, avoid certain allergens. Horeko Kiosk makes this easy for your guests. They can easily filter by wanted allergens. This way they only see the dishes meeting their wishes.

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