Cost price calculation is essential for the success of a restaurant and catering business. Gaining insight into the costs and margins of dishes is quite a time-consuming job, however. You would probably rather be on the work floor: helping guests and making great dishes take priority.

Simple cost price calculation restaurant and catering industry

Horeko developed a kitchen management system to easily make cost price calculations: Horeko Hospitality. It is a user-friendly digital system that provides clear insight into the costs and proceeds of the dishes in a simple manner. This system allows you to increase return easily.

Cost price calculations for your restaurant or catering business

All dishes including the ingredients used for them are entered into the system once. Subsequently, the prices of these ingredients are automatically filled in by means of a link with various suppliers and wholesalers. Moreover, the system calculates the cost price and corresponding sale price of every dish automatically on the basis of these prices.

Even when you change your menu, it is easy to calculate the prices of the new dishes. Text recognition of the ingredients makes it easy to enter new recipes quickly and the system will automatically link the corresponding prices.

Margin monitoring with Horeko Hospitality

It is common for suppliers and wholesalers to adjust the prices of their products. As a result, the purchase prices can increase or decrease, which in turn affects the margins of your dishes directly. By means of a direct link with various suppliers and wholesalers, the purchase prices are automatically updated in your database so you will always know the current prices. Moreover, the system immediately calculates the consequences of a price change for the margins of your dishes. If you see the margin for a dish become too low, then you can take direct action; for example, you can change the recipe or increase the price of the dish.

Why do cost price calculation with Horeko Hospitality?

By linking up with various suppliers and wholesalers, you will always have up-to-date price information of your ingredients. The cost price of a dish is automatically calculated based on this. You can set your own margin or sale price, after which you can immediately see the profit per dish. This gives you more insight in your prices so you can make conscious decisions regarding increasing your return.


Would you also like to have more insight into your costs and margins? Horeko Hospitality allows you to make various calculations fast and easily that will save you a lot of time and money. We will gladly how you how cost price calculation works in Horeko Hospitality.