Posted on Wednesday 8 March 2017
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A lot of restaurant owners still work with simple Word or Excel sheets to draw up their schedules and send them to their colleagues via email. Even though this seems easy, in practice this often is not the case. These Word or Excel sheets are not very well-suited for clearly presenting the availability of employees during the creation of schedules. As a result, it is possible that errors are made regularly in creating the schedules.

Moreover, changes are often made after the schedule has been distributed. For instance, it is possible that shifts are exchanged between employees or that working hours are adjusted. To ensure that all employees are informed of the current schedule after such a change, the schedule is then sent to everyone again. This is a strenuous and time consuming work method that can cause a lot of confusion.

Planning more efficiently?

It is certainly worth it to restaurant and catering entrepreneurs to consider using an online planning tool. Online planning offers many options to make creating schedules easier and, thus, more efficient. For instance, you can make schedule templates that can be reused. You can do so on the basis of a clear overview of the availability and deployability of your employees. As such, you can see exactly who you can schedule when and all shifts will be filled in no time at all.

Subsequently, you can make the schedule available to your employees online. As a result, your employees will have access to the schedule everywhere and at any time.. Furthermore, all possible changes are updated in the online schedule immediately to keep it up-to-date at all times. This prevents misunderstandings regarding mutual agreements; all agreements regarding the schedule are stored online and can be viewed by everyone.

An online planning tool can help you take care of all schedule related matters easier and faster. This will save you a lot of time, time you would rather like to spend on your guests.

There are a number of Dutch companies that offer such planning tools, including Nostradamus, L1nda, Dyflexis and Horeko.

Curious about the benefits the latter can provide you with? Please visit:

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