Allergen awareness is gaining more and more attention; this happens in the restaurant and catering industry as well. At least 2% of the population has an intolerance for specific food or food components. Additionally, more and more people make a conscious decision to avoid specific nutrients. How do you deal with allergen information in your restaurant business?

What and why of allergen information on the menu

Allergens are substances that can cause allergic reactions. Examples of allergens are gluten, lactose, nuts or molluscs or crustaceans. It is possible that there have been guests at your establishment who have asked for the allergen information of the dishes. Previously, this was often viewed as a service towards guests, however from December 2014 onwards, it has become legally mandatory for restaurant and catering businesses to be able to inform guests about the allergens per dish.

Allergens and restaurant and catering industry in practice

Every day, dozens, if not hundreds, of ingredients are used in your restaurant or catering establishment. It takes quite some time to check which ingredients contain which allergens. Moreover, it requires extensive administration to write down the allergens per dish. And if the recipe changes afterwards or if a new dish is added to the menu, then the allergens need to be rechecked. Horeko can make this complicated matter much easier.

Allergen calculation with Horeko Hospitality

Horeko Hospitality is an extensive kitchen management system for the restaurant and catering industry that includes an allergen calculation module. In this system, you can enter your dishes’ recipes after which the system will automatically link the allergens to the ingredients used via the link with PS in Food Service. This gives you a direct overview of the allergens per dish so you can answer all questions regarding allergens with ease.

Up-to-date allergen information

Thanks to a cooperation with PS in Food Service, Horeko Hospitality always provides you with the latest information regarding the allergens in an ingredient. If the supplier changes the composition of a product, then the allergen information is automatically adjusted. Subsequently, this is immediately updated for all dishes that contain this ingredient.

Moreover, the allergen information can be exported to the register (and the handhelds) in your restaurant and catering establishment so your floor staff can also access the information quickly.


Do you always want to make sure that all your employees are aware of the most current information with respect to allergens in the dishes on your menu? Our experts will gladly tell you more about allergen calculation and other handy functions in Horeko Hospitality.